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вторник, 20 ноября 2012 г.

Playing with Callie.

Playing with Callie.if you have time to like this picture, it's for a competition. THANK YOU! www.facebook.com This was a good few weeks ago,i was just having a bit of fun, she hadn't done the Spanish walk in months but now i am really trying to perfect it. I am also currently trying to teach her (as silly as this sounds) to stick to me, well stick to my shoulder so if i turn, run, stop etc she will basically stick to me and always be at my shoulder, she is getting really good at it. :) Main Channel:www.youtube.com Camera - Nikon D3100
Длительность: 1:47

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Playing with Callie.
Видео Playing with Callie. Video Playing with Callie. Playing with Callie.

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