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понедельник, 1 октября 2012 г.

Delirium Boulevard (Independent Short Film) 2012

Delirium Boulevard (Independent Short Film) 2012Delirium Boulevard is a venture into your mind. Expect a story told, that is interpreted by different people in totally different ways and still is coherent. The intent is for you to look into the minds of two young guys, and for them to play with yours! With a twist of-course! (This film was a ZERO BUDGET project. It was shot on 'Canon EOS 550D' and 'Nikon D3100') A Dream's Work Films Presentation DELIRIUM BOULEVARD Direction by Sushir Pande Story by Ravi Pratap Singh Editing by Sushir Pande Screenplay by Ravi Pratap Singh Music and Background Score by Atri Sarkar 'Hero's March' by Dhruva 'D-Kris' Krishnan (soundcloud.com Cinematography by Ashish 'NaaN' Mishra Production House - A Dream's Work Films Facebook : www.facebook.com Twitter : twitter.com Email : dreamsworkfilms@gmail.com Starring - Sushruta Singh | madam Ravi Pratap Singh | thakur Sushir Pande | pandit Atri Sarkar | sir Piyusha Chatterjee | inquisitive lady Ashish Mishra | unknown person Pradeep | cable guy Make Up - Anuradha Mohanty Piyusha Chatterjee Special Thanks To - Shishir Saha, Dinesh Goteti, Abhishek Saxena, Anuradha Mohanty, Vijay Mohan, Piyusha Chatterjee, Dhruva Krishnan, Sandeep Hirapur Also Thanks To - Creative Cow (www.creativecow.net) Freesound (http Huzoor Iss Kadar - Masoom (video playing on the television) Indigo 91.9 FM Bangalore (radio playing in the car) Like the Movie on it's Facebook page : www.facebook.com Appreciations - "Super acting....well paced depiction... topped up with an <b>...</b>
Длительность: 26:21

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Delirium Boulevard (Independent Short Film) 2012
Видео Delirium Boulevard (Independent Short Film) 2012 Video Delirium Boulevard (Independent Short Film) 2012 Delirium Boulevard (Independent Short Film) 2012

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