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понедельник, 6 августа 2012 г.

It's my last big breath. {3000}

It's my last big breath. {3000}Hey guys :D Thank you so so much for 3000+ subscribers :DI am actually pretty happy with the way this video turned out :) Sky has been going pretty well lately so I'm really happy with her :) These clips were from a horse show in June and the rest are from about 2 weeks ago at the field :) I had planned on going to a show with her last weekend but my dad has gout so that had to be cancelled as well as the x country on my birthday :( He is getting much better though and he has promised to bring us as soon as he is better :DI am also legal now WOO XD I don't act like an 18 year old in the slightest :L Ellen says I act 8 XD The ponies are great but they are getting so fat XD I can't ride them unless my dad is there or someone else but since my dad has gout he couldn't stand let alone come to the field and my friends have plans to they can't come up :/ My dad is also making me standards so now I can jump bigger and I can have spreads :D YEAI :D Yesterday (6/8/12) Mary Heys came to see Mario with the girls so she invited me out too and it as so much fun :D There will probably be a video from Mary, Andrea and Eve soon :) Ellen will do it in her own time since she's on a break :P So that's it XD thank you for reading this boring description :L Song: beautiful people by Cher Lloyd ft Carolina Liar Camera: Nikon D3100 (belongs to Ellen) Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Add me on Facebook:www.facebook.com
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It's my last big breath. {3000}
Видео It's my last big breath. {3000} Video It's my last big breath. {3000} It's my last big breath. {3000}

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