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вторник, 21 августа 2012 г.

Importance [KO KO - So strange]

Importance [KO KO - So strange]This video was made solely to express my own feelings towards the people around me - hence the name, importance. I've had loads of wonderful people around me during my life, and without them, i doubt i would've gotten anywhere in life. i think we often forget how we are an reflection of the people around us, which actually is quite a shame - isn't it? I would personally like to thank each and everyone who have affected my life - let that be motivational wise, inspirational wise, love wise or something as simple as being a very nice friend - you know who you are. This video was shot and edited by me, using my Nikon d3100 with various lenses - ranging from 8mm to 55mm. The video was edited in one single day. the amount of feelings behind this video is insane, i think the motivation speaks for itself. I'm happy about the final product, and to me, that's all that matters in this specific video. Music by ko ko longlivekoko.bandcamp.com Facebook: www.facebook.com
Длительность: 2:25

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Importance [KO KO - So strange]
Видео Importance [KO KO - So strange] Video Importance [KO KO - So strange] Importance [KO KO - So strange]

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