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четверг, 15 сентября 2011 г.

EASYDSLR Launch Video Samples

EASYDSLR Launch Video SamplesGo to EASYDSLR.com to see the full versions of the launch videos. (A SPECIAL Discount Coupon will be sent to you when the final video goes up) Ken's new inspiring Online Digital Photography Course is live! It's for beginners using DSLR cameras. A real down to earth way of explaining sometimes confusing topics - has some really helpful free video tips. EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course is designed to give you the basic principles you need to begin to Master your DSLR. Once you get an understanding of the basics you will be able to move off AUTO and really start getting creative with your photos. You can access your membership videos anywhere you have an internet connection - on a Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone.
Длительность: 10:47

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EASYDSLR Launch Video Samples
Видео EASYDSLR Launch Video Samples Video EASYDSLR Launch Video Samples EASYDSLR Launch Video Samples

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